Traditional security solutions for IoT devices fall short.

Limited resources and inability to adapt leave them vulnerable.

Qilin offers a revolutionary approach – a self-adapting, community-powered shield against web-based attacks..

our solution

what is Qilin?

Self adapting protection for small devices

QilinAI is at the cutting edge of IoT cybersecurity, offering a revolutionary, AI-powered defense system designed to protect interconnected devices from web-based attacks.
With its adaptive AI technology, embedded intelligence traps, and a unique community-powered approach, QilinAI provides tailored, device-specific protection that evolves with the device and relevant threat landscape.
This ensures robust, kernel-level security without compromising performance, making QilinAI the ultimate solution for safeguarding IoT ecosystems against the ever-changing cyber threats.
how we do it?


qilin Adaptive AI

QilinAI a self-defending, AI-powered shield against web attacks.
With adaptive AI for precision threat detection, embedded traps for intel on attackers, and tailored threat intelligence, Qilin evolves with threats, ensuring robust device-specific protection.
Community-powered approach leverages collective immunity, enhancing defense for all connected devices through shared intelligence.
Key features include kernel-level protection for efficient defense without performance compromise and expansive network-level security.
Benefit from unmatched accuracy, proactive defense, and adaptive learning with Qilin, your solution to staying ahead in the cybersecurity game.

Traditional AI

  • Suitable for environments with stable
    and well-defined conditions, where
    the system’s performance does not
    need to change over time
  • Low scalability
  • Performance may degrade over time

Adaptive AI

  • Suitable for dynamic and rapidly
    changing environments where the
    system must evolve and continuously
    provide value
  • High scalability
  • Performance improves over time
our public services

our services

We provide our services solely using partners. Please contact us if you want to become our partner or you are looking for our partner in your region.
Mobile Network Level Protection

SAS model

Mobile Network Layer Protection

Collaborative effort with mobile network providers to secure IoT devices against a known and unknown attacks.
Service is based on an attacker deception, community shared indicators of attacks in real time, and personalized threat feeds.
Your mobile provider filters traffic for you based on our real time data, saving you cost on next generation firewall installation and management.
Pricing Structure: Price Per IP
Billing Cycle: Monthly/Annually
Included Services:
• Network layer protection of your IoT infrastructure
 • Attack deception
 • Real time personalized threat feeds
• Automated threat response and mitigation
 • Real-time attacks monitoring
 • Daily report of blocked attack attempts
 • 24/7 customer support and incident response
Device Level Protection

SAS model

IoT Device Layer Protection

Service secures IoT devices against a wide range of network-based threats, based on embedded traps, AdaptiveAI and tailored threat intelligence controlled kernel level firewall.
Self learning service secures IoT devices against known and unknown attacks, without need for expensive WAF/NGFS (web application firewalls and/or next generation firewalls).
Pricing Structure: SaaS
Billing Cycle: Annual in advance
Included Services:
• Implementation of Adaptive AI based attack prevention
• Device embedded traps for attack deception
• Device level firewall tailored threat feeds
 • Real time personalized threat feeds
 • Daily report of blocked attack attempts
 • Access to a dedicated support team for security consultations and incident response
IoT Insurance

SAS model

IoT Device

Deployed in conjunction with partners and Insurers as part of an insurance policy.
Extend insurance cover based on the deployment of Adaptive AI for IoT devices and external networks
Pricing will be based on the specific requirements and risk profile of the customer, but from a standard pricing model.
Billing Cycle: Annual in advance
Included Services:
• Financial protection from cyber attacks damage
• Integration with our Community based threat prevention
 • Real-time attacks monitoring
 • Regular risk posture measurement reports
 • Regular attack surface changes reports
 • Daily report of blocked attack attempts
• Access to a dedicated support team for security consultations and incident response

our differentiators

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Near 100% precision in identifying malicious requests. 
  • Proactive Defense: Traps and threat intelligence anticipate and thwart attacks before they can harm.
  • Power of the Community: Collective immunity across the network strengthens defenses for everyone.
  • Lightweight & Efficient: Kernel-level deployment ensures minimal impact on resource-constrained devices.
  • Adaptive AI Enabled: Qilin learns and adapts constantly, staying ahead of ever-changing threats.

Customer case study

  • Background The EU-headquartered pharmaceutical company, operating across eight countries in the EU, SEE, CIS, and APAC regions, encountered escalating cyber threats, facing continuous attack attempts endangering digital assets, infrastructure, and the integrity of sensitive data.
  • Challenge The company utilizes a blend of its infrastructure and Microsoft Azure services to sustain competitiveness, facing continuous attacks using leaked accounts and open services, with specific targeting of their Azure-integrated Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), for which Microsoft Sentinel proved ineffective...

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